Alabama Ghostlore
Ghostly folklore from all over Alabama.
Alabama Foundation for Paranormal Research
Top-quality research into ghost legends throughout the state.

Urban Exploration in Alaska
Amazing places explored in Alaska. The term "urban" is loosely applied.

Arizona Titan II Missile Sites
A look at the 18 abandoned missile silos near Tucson, Arizona
Ghost Towns of Arizona
A tour of the abandoned towns in AZ

Beneath Los Angeles
LA's permanent residents, both famous and B-list, profiled in the city's famous cemeteries
The Pacific Electric Subway
A trip through the abandoned subway line under downtown Los Angeles
Industrial Archeology in California
Abandoned places from all over the state of California.
San Gabriel Valley Paranormal Researchers
Non-profit organization dedicated to exploring unexplained phenomena.

Smoking Gun Research
Ghosts of Connecticut, including the most haunted place in America: Dudleytown

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation
Haunted places in America's favorite election-bungling state.
P.O.R.T.A.L. Paranormal Investigations
Semi-professional ghost hunting throughout Florida.
Central Florida Ghost Research
Ghost hunters/supernatural investigators from Central Florida.
North Florida Paranormal Research, Inc.
Ghost Tracker Investigations (as seen on the Discovery Channel).
Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group, Inc.
Investigating ghost stories around St. Augustine, Florida.
Halifax Hauntings
Professional ghost hunters in the Daytona Beach area.
Miami Ghost Chronicles
Personal encounters recounted by residents of greater Miami.
Haunted Fort Lauderdale
Ghosts in and around the home city of Spring Break, USA.
Big Bend Ghost Trackers
Collected ghost stories and outings in the Big Bend section of Florida.
Spirits of the Panhandle
Hauntings in the Florida pandhandle.

Georgia Ghost Society
Non-profit organization looking into hauntings in private residences and public buildings all over Georgia.
GPRT: Georgia Paranormal Research Team
Ghost hunting in GA with an occult-religious bent.
Spirit Seekers of West Georgia
An organization of fundamentalist Christians who do ghost research. Very weird.

Ghosts of Idaho
Extensive ghost hunting site covering the entire state of Idaho.

Chicago Urban Exploration
A look at the forgotten side of the Windy City

403 Forbidden
Damn nice abandoned building and ghost page out of Fort Wayne
The Recreational Trespasser
Fantastic site about abandoned structures throughout Indiana. Based in Evansville.
Lost Indiana
Abandoned and forgotten places in the Hoosier State.
Sandy's Indiana Ghost Hunts
Sandy's photos and investigations of haunted Indiana locales.

Iowa State Steam Tunnels
The utility tunnel system at Iowa State University

Seekers of the Unknown
Kansas-based ghost investigation group.

Haunted Kentucky
Bluegrass hauntings broken down by county.
Bluegrass Paranormal Observers
Ghost hunters based in Hardin County, KY.

Bangor Explorer's Guild
Mysterious urban exploration group in Stephen King's hometown.
Haunted Maine
Listing of ghostly occurrences throughout the state of Maine

Baltimore Society for Paranormal Research
A group dedicated to the serious investigation of paranormal phenomena.

Haunted Salem
A commercial site offering a guide to New England's most famous spooky tourist attraction.

Forgotten Detroit
Fantastic page about the city most urban explorers wish they lived in...ok, maybe not
Michigan Central Station
Incredible tour of the old Michigan Central Station in Detroit.
Michigan Ghost Watchers
Investigations and ghost reports from that state up north.
West Michigan Ghost Hunters' Society
Hauntings in Michigan; very nice website.
West Michigan Spirit Seekers
Serious ghost hunting in western Michigan.
Southeast Michigan Ghost Hunters' Society
Hauntings in another corner of the Wolverine State.
Faces from the Grave
More investigations, this time from northern Michigan.
ParaHaunt Paranormal Researchers
Paranormal investigations from Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia.
Forgotten Michigan
The abandoned, vacant, and nearly forgotten in and throughout the state of Michigan.

The Action Squad
Minneapolis urban adventurers; incredibly cool site.
Basement Freaks
A southern Minnesota-based group of explorers specializing in drains, tunnels, mechanical rooms, bridges, and rooftops.
Minnesota Paranormal Investigative Group
The Minnesota chapter of a national paranormal investigation organization.

Built St. Louis
Celebrating the historic architecture of a great American city.
Sonic Atrophy
Abandoned places in the St. Louis area and beyond.
Ecology of Absence
More abandoned St. Louis.
Ghost Hunters of St. Louis, Transcendental Society
Ghost hunters for hire, in St. Louis since 1998.
St. Louis chapter of the American Ghost Society; comprehensive investigation list covering four states and growing.
St. Louis City Hospital
The life and death of St. Louis's breathtaking City Hospital buildings.

Towns From Nevada's Past
Nevada ghost towns, indexed by county.

New Jersey
Haunted New Jersey
Hauntings in the Garden State.
Weird New Jersey
New Jersey's abandoned places and local legends; the official site of one of the greatest magazines in the world.
Abandoned New Jersey
A rapidly-growing and great-looking site about NJ's abandoned places.
Abandoned and Beyond
Lovely, stark photography of abandoned sites throughout Jersey.
New Jersey Ghost Hunters' Society
Supernatural anomalies captured on film and catalogued online.
New Jersey Ghost Research
Seeking out definitive proof of life beyond the grave.
South Jersey Ghost Research
Serious ghost investigations in New Jersey, Eastern PA, Delaware, and NYC.
Spirit Trackers of Northern New Jersey
Ghost hunters who cover the northern part of the state and surrounding area.
The Essex Mountain Sanatorium
An exploration of one of the most amazing buildings ever to be abandoned.

New Mexico
Mew Mexico Ghost Towns and Other Little-Known Places
Tons of interesting forgotten sites in the Land of Enchantment.

New York
Abandoned Subways of New York
Nice listing of the abandoned underground lines in our nation's biggest city
Forgotten New York
Awesome home page of the accomplished New York City urban exploration society
Dark Passage
Photographic tours of some amazing forgotten places, including some of the best abandoned hospitals you'll ever see
Haunted New York
Hauntings all over the Empire State
The History of New York City
Thorough link listing for fascinating historical New York sites.
Hudson Valley Ruins
Some amazing relics found in New York's Hudson Valley.
Syracuse Ghost Hunters
Serious ghost investigators located in upstate New York.

North Carolina
Haunted North Carolina
Plenty of paranormal hotspots in NC.

Forgotten Ohio: Links
You're already on an Ohio website, dumbass.

Urban Exploration/"Vadding" in Portland, Oregon

Haunted Pennsylvania
Very good site devoted to chronicling the Keystone State's ghost stories
P.I.C - Paranormal Investigation Corporation
Not really a corporation, but a group of investigators from NE Pennsylvania
Ghost Hunters of Southwestern PA
Further ghost hunting, this time from SW Pennsylvania
The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike
A trip down the abandoned Pennsylvania turnpike (and through a few forgotten tunnels)
Amusement Park Nostalgia
Great page featuring profiles of abandoned amusement parks in southeastern Pennsylvania; also contains nice pieces on other forgotten places in PA
Centralia, PA
The home page of a truly weird Pennsylvania town
Haunted Pennsylvania
Hauntings across the Keystone State
Spirited Ghost Hunting
Investigations "in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio"
Penn State Underground
Urban exploration in Happy Valley
Beaver County Ghost Hunters
Organized ghost hunting in Beaver County, PA, and beyond

Rhode Island
The Atlantic Paranormal Society
Nicely-done paranormal society website; as seen in the New York Times.
The RI Paranormal Research Group
Serious ghost investigation in Rhode Island and the rest of New England.

Ghosts and Spirits of Tennessee
Very good ghost stories from the Volunteer State.
Ghosts of Tennessee
Very well-put together and comprehensive site about Tennessee ghosts.
The Adsagsona Paranormal Society
Tennessee-based nationwide effort to perform professional ghost investigations.
The Ghost Stalkers of Western Tennessee
Serious ghost investigators based in the western part of the state.
Bell Witch Fan Site
The ultimate fan site about Tennessee's most famous haunting.

What Was Then - Tales of the Unexplained
Outstanding website featuring well-researched and -written articles about weird Texas history.
Beautiful page on exploration in and around Amarillo, TX.
Motel 666
How can I describe this page? It's indescribable but hypnotic. Check out the abandoned asylum and try to make sense of the laundromat profiles.
American Paranormal Pages
Texas-based webzine about the scariest places in the Lone Star State.
Austin Ghosts
The hauntings and dark history of Texas's capital city.
Spring Spirit Seekers
Spirit hunters based in Texas.

Dead Places
Organized trespassing in the Salt Lake City area

VT Underground
A nice underground exploration of Virginia Tech

Exploring the Great Northwest
Great new site about urban exploration in the Pacific Northwest.
Pacific Northwest Exploration Project
Expansive site featuring the abandoned and creepy in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
Boom Towns and Relic Hunters
Ghost towns and relic hunting in Washington State
Amateur Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma (A.G.H.O.S.T.)
Cleverly acronymmed ghost hunters' organization based in greater Seattle

Washington, DC
DC Underground
Abandoned Metro lines in our nation's capitol

West Virginia
WV Ghosts
West Virginia's true ghost stories.
West Virginia Ghosts
Further adventures in the haunted hills of West Virginia.
West Virginia Ghost Hunters
EVPs, photographs, and video clips of hauntings in WV.
West Virginia Society of Ghost Hunters
Yes, more ghost hunters in West Virginia.
Southern West Virginia Association of Paranormal Research
More WVA hauntings investigated and researched.
Haunted West Virginia
Various ghost stories from all over the state, told and reprinted by residents.
Southern West Virginia Coalfields
Really excellent and comprehensive tour of the forgotten coalfields of the Mountain State.