Some of the best abandoned structures in Ohio are private residences which have been left to rot by their owners for one reason or another. You'll often run across artifacts in old houses that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Just about everybody knows of a few old crumbling houses in their area; to take a look at the ones I've explored, click below.

Mudhouse Mansion
Mudhouse Road, east of Lancaster

Franklin Castle
Franklin Avenue, Cleveland

Prospect Place
North Dresden Road, Trinway

The Sidwell House
SR 22, Avondale

The M.M. Crites Octagon House
Near SR 23, Circleville

Renick Farmhouse
SR 23, north of South Bloomfield

The Prairie-Brock House
Prairie and Brock Roads, Jeffersonville

Danville Road Farmhouse
Danville Road, south of Newport

SR 104 Farmhouse
State Route 104, Grove City

White House
SR 23, north of South Bloomfield

Wooden House
South High Street, Columbus

1206 & 1208 Wyoming Avenue
Dayton, Ohio