Erik Rothlisberger

On May 2, 2003, my good friend Erik Lynn Rothlisberger died in his home in north Columbus after a brief illness.

Erik deserves credit for a lot of content on the Forgotten Ohio website. He accompanied me to the Broadview Developmental Center in April 2002 and made a highlights video that we watched several times. After that, he and I checked out a number of places you can see on the website: Walhalla Drive, Roseville Prison, the Claycraft Brick Factory, the Lima Tuberculosis Hospital, Woollyburger Cemetery, Shawnee. We also visited a few that aren't listed on the site.

Erik sold me a car for next to nothing when my old station wagon was on its very last legs. He was always prepared to loan me his camcorder, or film for my camera, or a jacket, or a flashlight. More than that, though, Erik was a great friend to me for all the time that I knew him. He was a genuinely selfless person; I don't think he had a mean bone in his body. He let me tease him about being a generation or so older than me, even though he looked much younger than that. He was kind and gentle and extremely generous.

I don't usually put anyone's name or face up on the website, but I feel that Erik definitely deserves some acknowledgment for all he did. He is sorely missed by many people, and the world is worse off for the loss of truly good person.