Forgotten Ohio: May 9, 2012
Forgotten Ohio
Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The SyFy Channel Wants You

I have appeared in, been quoted by, or been the subject of a lot of interviews--radio, newspaper, magazine, TV. But with the exception of a very brief mention on National Public Radio, and a story in the Washington Post, it's all been Ohio media. Which is great; I love all the press stuff I get to do, especially around Halloween, when a lot of media outlets need a "ghost expert" and many wind up asking me. I've also been asked for tips or advice by producers and researchers working on national programs like The Scariest Places in the World.

This time, however, a researcher and booker of guests has written to me with a specific request. The new show they're preparing at the SyFy Channel (formerly SciFi, you know) will be called School Spirits, and since Ohio has an abundance of haunted colleges and universities, she asked if I could find out if anyone with a true ghostly encounter would like to do an on-camera interview for the show, possibly even go back to the place on your school campus where you had your encounter with the camera crew to talk about it and recreate where you were when you saw the ghost (or heard the unexplained noises, or had any number of concrete experiences).

You don't have to be in college now; you just need to have had an encounter with the supernatural at a college or university. (It doesn't even have to have been in Ohio, in this case.)

Some people have already sent me great personal encounters, and I've included them on the appropriate pages within the website. If that's the case, please write to me again and remind me who you are (I leave most people anonymous unless they ask otherwise, and I've lost a lot of my back catalogue of saved e-mails. If you have one you'd like to tell me, please write the story down and send it to me ASAP.

I don't know what doing an interview for a show on a major cable network like SyFy will entail, but you can bet you'll be treated well. It's a very cool opportunity.

And don't forget about the gradual-but-steady transcription of H.M. Fogle's 1908 anthology of character studies of the men who died in the Ohio Penitentiary annex, whether on the gallows or in the electric chair: Palace of Death: A True Tale of 59 Executed Murderers. I'm halfway through Chapter 18 as I post this update.

Palace of Death:
A True Tale of 59 Executed Murderers

Once again, a genuinely heartfelt thank you to the people who have donated money to the site via my PayPal account. People are far kinder and more generous than I deserve.

I'm on Facebook; so are you. If you're not, I believe you're in danger of violating some federal law. If you're on Facebook now or will be soon, you should check out the Forgotten Ohio Group which I didn't initiate, but I am extremely honored by and have gone too long without mentioning. I have stuff I can post there which really has no logical home on the website itself.

I've got a whole summer of exploring Ohio and adding to the website ahead of me, so I'm excited to get back to my previous rate of regular updates. You'll see one again soon. And really, if you had a ghostly encounter at your college or university, *please* send me a synopsis of the event, and I'll do my best to point you toward actually appearing on a real TV show, one you can watch and DVR and show to your friends. It sounds like fun to me, and it makes me wish I had seen a damn ghost by now. After all this time they're still hiding from me.

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