Before the lookout at the top of the house we came across a small attic with a low ceiling--really more of a crawlspace. It was full of dust and broken shingles.

But we did eventually make it to the top. A set of stairs leads up into the lookout point, which has its own catwalk around the inside. How weird to think that this was used a century and a half ago to check on the farm fields and watch for visitors. The view of the wooded hills of Muskingum County really is incredible. Once again, no suicide ghosts made themselves known, but by the time we made it this high it was fully morning. And everybody knows how uncomfortable ghosts are with the daylight.

As houses go, Prospect Place is top-notch. It was such a cool boarded-up haunted house that it's almost a shame to see it turned into a tourist attraction, but to be perfectly honest, it's the best thing. The building is in good hands (the hands of a descendant of the guy who built it), and it will probably be there for years to come. If you'd like to visit the mansion, head north out of Dresden into Trinway and keep your eyes on the right side of the road. They offer ghost hunts there, much like the Ohio State Reformatory; check out the official Prospect Place website here and schedule an overnight stay.