There are not as many ghosts flitting around Spring Grove as you might expect for a cemetery its size. The one major story told concerns a man's bust on a gravemarker in Lot 100.

They say the bust contains real human eyes. Obviously not true, but they do have a creepy, lifelike appearance when you look at them close-up. The grave is haunted and the bust is said to turn its head and watch you as you go by. The one pictured above is the "real" haunted bust; I've gotten some false leads since I first posted something on this story, including the photo of a different bust shown below.

Maybe it's because so many face sculptures and busts in this particular boneyard have exceptionally creepy eyes. Here are a couple more examples, sent in by Kimberly.

Then there's the experience related to me by a groundskeeper at Spring Grove who thought he saw hands poking out of the ground as his mower went past. Ghost, or hallucination?