Ohio's Haunted Landscapes, Lost Arts & Forgotten Places

by Randy McNutt

This book by rock and roll historian and Cincinnati reporter Randy McNutt takes a look at some of Ohio's ghost towns. It was really this book that got me interested in ghost towns in the first place, and told me about the Center for Ghost Town Research in Ohio.

Ghosts is incredibly readable and fascinating; McNutt makes you want to hit the backroads and check out some of these places for yourself. He does pieces on Fallen Timbers, Dull, Cygnet, Rialto, Sodom, Toots Corner, Mudsock, San Toy, Rendville, Chilo, Knockemstiff, and Utopia, among others. He also profiles the Helwigs at the Center for Ghost Town Research.

My only complaint is about the parts where McNutt devotes two chapters to his own childhood--one about Indian Lake, where he and his family went for vacations, and one on Hamilton, his hometown--bedroom to Cincinnati and hardly a "forgotten place."

Still, this is a great book. It's well worth the money, and it's actually very affordable in the paperback edition.