The only building still standing in San Toy is the only one which had to be made out of brick: the jailhouse. It's missing its door and windows; the cell door is likewise missing, although you can still see the metal hinges where it once hung.

A former town marshall at San Toy reported that he once placed thirteen men in the single cell at once. Hard to believe with such a small cell, but if half the stories about the town are true it might have been necessary. The jailhouse was supposedly called Scotland, because its first resident was a Scottish miner.

In the 1950's a man named Paul Devore bought the jailhouse and turned it into a "summer home," complete with TV and a wood-burning fireplace. I hope Paul was a bachelor, because it's pretty small to stay in with another person. At some point he abandoned the place too. Today it's full of dirt and spraypaint.