Inside the Roseville Prison

Several of the walls are in bad shape here; the rooms at the end of each floor tend to be full of lumber and other junk. You have to wonder how much of this is how the builders left the place and how much the paintballers and haunted house people are responsible for.

On the fourth floor we finally found a hatch to the roof, at the top of a narrow ladder located between two of the front windows. Climbing it wasn't hard, but we were trying not to be spotted from the road.

The roof is a pretty ordinary flat, insitutional roof, gravelled with the tar showing through in places. Since this is the only point in the prison more than two stories high, one can only assume that the Roseville Prison's resident ghost committed suicide from up here.

It does seem strange to me that a men's prison would have a female ghost. Maybe she killed herself at the prison where her long lost love had been incarcerated. Maybe its was paintball-related.

Having been here three times I can honestly say I never felt or saw anything supernatural. But who knows--maybe the ghost really does jump nightly from the roof. Visit the prison one night and see for yourself. Just stay away from the inside of the place, unless you've got some amoxicillin handy. It definitely is an interesting place to see, though.