Junction City Prison

The administrative wing of the Junction City Prison has been damaged by fire. The hallway leading down between the offices has all but fallen in, and there's charred wood and chunks of plaster everywhere. It's also very wet and unpleasant in the hallway.

The offices down here are recognizable from the movie. One was the warden's office, where a lot of scenes take place. Maybe I'm too enchanted with movies, but to me this is very cool.

Past the offices are the big loading docks, which look to have been built more recently. I'd guess they unloaded bricks from here, but I'm not really sure. What I am sure of is that the pizza place operated out of this section. They left a lot behind, including counters, bags, boxes, and a heavy coating of some kind of white powder all over the floors. It's almost hard to breathe in here because you it feels like you're being poisoned.

I don't know why anybody would put a pizza shop in an abandoned prison--especially one so far out in the boonies. They couldn't even serve Lancaster very well from this location.

A very cool building to explore. To explore the brick-making shop adjacent to the prison, click below.