From the Athens Post, Thursday, November 1, 2001


Thursday, November 1, 2001
By Pat Mirrotto

Although Athens and Ohio University have more than their fair share of unexplainable stories and spiritual happenings, the truth of most rumors never has been proven.

One story about the alleged haunting of the Convo has not caught the attention of Residence Life staff.

Local legend and some Web sites claim that the Convo, which does double duty as a sports facility and a residence hall, is haunted by the ghost of a murdered resident.

Jim Michnowicz, an OU student from 1992 to 1998, runs one such Web site, which features stories, legends and explanations of more otherworldly experiences that are part of this town's tradition. Part of his site covers stories about ghosts and bizarre stories within the university's residence halls. Michnowicz draws the tales from personal experiences, friends and other contributors.

"When I moved in freshman year, we heard this story about it. Someone was stabbed by an ex-boyfriend. All that we heard is rumor," Michnowicz said. His Web site claims that an intruder, who proved to be a distraught ex-boyfriend, stabbed an administrative resident assistant in the Convo. The legend says her spirit still walks the Convo's curvy halls.

Pam Drake, OU associate director of housing, said she remembers the murder of an ARA in the early 1980s. Drake said her room was not used in the following years as a staff room. But she also said that she does not know of any ghost stories or legends surrounding the Convo.

Drake added that she has not heard of any students requesting a room change because of ghosts or unexplainable events.

Michnowicz's Web site includes other strange experiences of his friends who lived in the Convo. He said one friend told him she experienced the feeling that someone was in bed with her, and had a terrible time sleeping. Later Michnowicz heard that a student had died in his friend's room the previous year.

He also knows of a legend about a student who used to sit in the room and talk to her closet for hours. This student, before leaving one weekend, warned her roommates to be careful because the closet was angry. Her roommates claim that the weekend she was gone, lights flickered, doors slammed, the television channels changed mysteriously and window shades moved around. The behavior stopped when the student returned.

"The girl talking to her closet, that is really strange. I believe this also happened at her home," Michnowicz said.

Some people have heard of these events, but many have not. The alleged haunting of the Convo does not carry such a notorious reputation as Wilson Hall or The Ridges.

Christine Reghetti Feyler, the West Green Director of Residence Life, said no hauntings or strange spiritual occurrences have happened at the Convo.

"Nothing like that has ever come to my attention," she said.

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