From the West Union People's Defender, September 4, 2003


Crop Circles Appear in Peebles Soybean Field

September 4, 2003
By Troy Jolly and Caleb Grooms

A strange design found in a soybean field across from the entrance to Serpent Mound on State Route 73 near Locust Grove remains under investigation. The design was found on the property of Molly Williams, a resident of Dayton.

The design, designated as a crop circle, was first seen by Delsey Knoechelman, of Peebles, on Sunday, Aug. 24 around 11 a.m. Knoechelman stated that the creation was not there on Saturday as she inspected the fields in the area for flood damage. She returned to her home where she contacted the Adams County Sheriff's office and then returned to the site with family. Knoechelman's father, Jim McKenzie, inspected the site with a metal detector, where he found several different metallic levels and minerals in the outlining circle. According to McKenzie, one circle had higher concentrated levels of minerals than did the others.

Jeff Wilson, an independent crop circle investigator from Dexter, Mich., documented slightly higher radiation levels inside the design, as well as slightly higher electrical and magnetic fields than those outside of the marking. The plants inside the cirles have been swirled to the ground and have sustained heat damage. According to Wilson, it is more difficult to analyze markings such as the ones found at the site because there have only been an estimated 10 reported markings in soybeans in the United States.

"I obligated myself to not release the location of the markings," said Wilson. He did however share his personal feelings about the markings found. "Based on plant damage, it is my belief that the design in this field is authentic."

Douglas McIlwain, president of the American Society of Dowsers, reported abnormality in the field. "I believe the design is pointing towards Serpent Mound, either to the head or tail of the effigy," said McIlwain.

Wilson, McIlwain and Roger Sugden, of Ft. Wayne, Ind., analyzed the field, taking with them crop and soil samples. The findings have not been returned. However, they did note that there were no tracks leading to the marking.

The design consists of several markings. The smaller circles on the sides of the design measure 12' in diameter with the larger bottom circle measuring 16'. The total design measures 300' in diameter.

David Garvin, of West Union, said, "The markings in the crop and tail of Serpent Mound are similar."

According to the Adams County Sheriff's office, there was no unusual activity reported on the morning of Aug. 24.

"Anyone caught on the property will be charged with trespassing and may be arrested," said deputy Shawn Cooley.

History shows that very few crop circles have been made in soybeans. The majority of markings have been found in vegetable crops, corn fields, grass, wheat, and even groves of trees.

This isn't first questionable event in the county. It was reported in The People's Defender that on the evening of Oct. 17, 1973, three Adams County deputies and one West Union Police officer encountered an unusual object in the sky on Chaparral Road in West Union and later hovering between State Route 41 and 125 near Panhandle. The men described the object as having pulsating red, green, blue and white lights and claimed it would "zig-zag in a very tight circle" throughout the sky. Highland, Ross and Scioto County deputies also reported seeing the object.

In relation to the most recent happening, McIlwain reported that eye-witnesses have encountered "earth lights" since the design was found. These orange, glowing spheres measure five feet in diameter and are common after crop circles have been formed.

A final report of the findings of the investigation is due to be released in October. Anyone discovering additional field circles or markings is encouraged to contact Wilson. He can be reached at (734) 891-2689 or

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