Gather around and listen to these true stories of illegal visits to Mudhouse Mansion. All of them were sent to me and are reproduced below with only a few minor adjustments for spelling and punctuation.

A Broken Windshield

Some friends and I went out to check out Mudhouse Mansion, which we have done on several occasions. While we were walking toward the house we heard some very loud teens yelling and shouting as they were leaving. Little did we know that they were yelling at us for interrupting their little party. Got all the way up to the house, heard a loud POP and saw two boys walking away from my car. Went back down to the car and found that they had hit my windshield three times with what I think was a beer bottle. (It smelled like beer.) Then they waited in the weeds to see my reaction. When we started walking down the road to see where they might be parked, they hopped in their cars and sped outta there like a bat outta hell. COWARDS! Now, beware that it is not only the police that you have to watch out for out at Mudhouse Mansion but also the drunken teens who like to vandalize people's property. This is the end result...a busted windshield and a bill for a new one of $145.00!