All of these stories about encounters at the vacant TB hospital were sent to me and are reproduced below with only a few minor adjustments for spelling and punctuation. Read on...IF YOU DARE.

Pounding Noises

I live in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Myself and some friends of mine like to search for allegedly haunted establishments. Me and a few of my "ghostbusting" friends heard about the Tuberculosis Hospital in Lima. We went on the search to find out what went on behind its walls. We went in. It looked really spooky...just being there gave you a feeling that is undescribable. Searching through the hospital with our flashlights the shadows made it even more erie. But the reality hit when we heard an incinerator of some sort, like a loud machine or furnace, kick-on. And we all knew that there is no electricity in that building. It was way up top somewhere. Then we kinda shook it off and kept moving through the top floors. We heard a loud pound or thump-type noise up there again, but we kept going. When we finally reached the top of the hospital we exited onto the roof. The trio stayed up there and we smoked a couple cigarettes to relieve the stress, because the feeling of adrenaline rush was tremendous.

Then we started back down the steps and down to the third floor. As we were exploring, wandering around, we came to a door that was laid sideways with a bunch of tires stacked under it as if to serve as a makeshift barricade. We stood there and observed the structure as well as the area around us...then we heard the loudest pounding we had ever heard...sparking an adrenaline rush from hell! It could not have been human was way too loud, constant, and hard. It was so steady very quick, and it felt as if it was right beside us. We ran into a nearby room and it was still so loud. I ripped chicken wire out of the window to jump out. I was truly terrified! My two other friends crouched down against the wall screaming in fear not knowing what was going on around us. I didn't jump. Right when I was about to leave my friends and everything it stopped. We got it together after realizing we had to get out of there so we ran down the hallway trying to make an escape. My friend was in front of us three. As he led us into a room in a quick manner he suddenly stopped and turned around in fear almost at the exact same time. I managed to get a glimpse from looking where his flashlight was and I saw what he saw. There seemed to be a quick moving "SOMETHING"...I don't know what to call was undescribable...maybe an apparition...or a poltergeist of some sort.

Anyway, we still kept up the quick pace of movement through the hallways of the T.B. Hospital, not even knowing if we were going to make it out or not. We finally reached a place we could exit and we did. However, we did not stop at that. We continued to run at full speed until we reached the path that led back out.