1206 and 1208 Wyoming Avenue - Dayton, Ohio

This is 1208 Wyoming Avenue, the apartment on the left. The big rectangle of plywood nailed over its front doorway had been pried loose, then left propped up in such a way that you can't really tell from the street. Right inside is a front staircase leading up to the apartment.

A narrow upstairs hallway--at the top of the front stairs and bottom of the other--connects to the kitchen via an open doorway. A sink, counters, and . Thick strands of wiring hang from the ceiling.

When I visited (on my birthday, May 12, 2015) there was, weirdly enough, a rusty *machete* lying on the kitchen counter. It was halfway out of its sleeve casing. I'd imagine finding at night would be more than a little scary. I didn't take it, so if you make it in time you might still find it there.

You might notice the clutter. Even by the standards of run-down abandoned buildings, this place is a truly chaotic mess.

The second stairwell takes you up to the third floor, where most of the living space seemed to be.

A bedroom and a bathroom comprise the topmost floor, which was explosively hot on this mid-May morning. And muggy, stifling conditions are not what anyone wants when they encounter this:

This extremely dead raccoon was busy melting into the floorboards right at the top of the stairs. You'll be surprised to learn that he smelled bad. I wonder what killed him right there--or did some disturbed person perhaps carry him up all those stairs and put him there? The world may never know. Seriously, though, the dead raccoon was disgusting beyond words.

The picture above shows the single upstairs bedroom. It must have been fun to live here during a snowstorm, for instance, or the Fourth of July fireworks.

Because I was startled by the lawn mowers I didn't have a chance to poke around in 1206. However, you can see through this hole in the second-floor wall that it's very likely the same, only reversed.

I didn't notice until later, but there are two similarly twinned apartments downstairs. I can't imagine they're as large as the ones above. You access them through a pair of similarly boarded-up doors in the back wall of the house, facing the alley and the row of tenant parking slots. Maybe I'll check them out soon.