Hartman Hotel, Roof
The Hartman Hotel
The Roof

The roof sags in the middle pretty drastically, but it's solid; it almost gives you the impression that it was built that way. As you walk out to the edges you get a pretty good view of the city around you. Six stories isn't a skyscraper by any standard, but it is pleasantly above street level, especially at night.

In the middle of the roof is a tall brick thing which contains the top of the elevator shaft and a chimney. It might have been added later, along with the second elevator; it's hard to tell. I started to climb it, but if anything on the building is structurally unsound, it's this. Plus, you'd be pretty visible up there.

Set into the brick thing are two glass doors with office hours printed on them: if you open them you're staring down the elevator shaft.

There is also a nice view straight down the little indentation between wings which begins on the second floor. This was once where a fire exit stood. As you can tell, junk has accumulated down there for a long time.

Doors opening onto nothing on many of the middle floors make me think that the indentation was once filled in with rooms. Maybe all that crap at the bottom is their remains.