Hartman Hotel, First Floor
The Hartman Hotel
The First Floor

The first floor was where most of the work was going on. Boards and construction junk lay everywhere. Everything was covered in sand, too, which Rookie said was probably due to sandblasting.

In the middle of the floor in the south wing is a staircase which leads down to the basement. Nearby are the doors to dual walk-in safes, with the safes themselves removed.

The north wing of the place contains a few artifacts. One is a smaller combination safe sitting in the middle on a half-wall, where I assume a room once was.

Another indication that this wing was once divided is the free-standing staircase against the back wall, which probably used to go up to a second level which is now completely gone. Under this staircase is another set of stairs, this one leading down into the basement.

Between the two wings is a foyer area which is basically the same on every floor, with two elevators and a nice marble staircase. One of the elevators is a real antique, complete with a metal arrow floor indicator. The other, we surmised, was added later.

This is the floor where most of the more recent activity occurred. The bank was located here, and they changed it a lot.