Ghost Towns of
Williams County

Williams County is the northwesternmost county in the state. It contains Bryan, Nettle Lake, and a number of ghost towns centered around the tapping of natural gas and oil wells, as well as timber cutting, which burned itself out in this part of the state long ago.

? Twp.
Location of a tavern and inn which was the site of a strange, slightly supernatural murder case. It was the old story at first: a man travelling alone flashes a bunch of money at the tavern, has a drink, leaves, and is never seen again. A log chain disappeared about the same time. The following winter, patrons at the tavern during a howling blizzard could hear a clanking, thumping, dragging sound from the basement--the sound of the stranger's chain-wrapped body being taken below for burial. When the door was opened, the missing log chain was lying at the top of the cellar stairs, and from then on the cellar door refused to stay shut. Today all that remains of Denmark is a plaque erected by the County Historical Society at the place where the tavern once stood.



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