Ghost Towns of
Ashtabula County

Ashtabula County forms the northeastern tip of the state of Ohio, and is home to the city of Ashtabula. It borders the lake and the state of Pennsylvania. Here I've collected the stories of a few of the county's ghost towns.

Wayne Twp.
A town located on Route 322 at Hayes Road, supposedly named for either a storekeeper named C.C. Wick (a generous man who went bankrupt from issuing store credit) or an early Presbyterian missionary named William Wick. The post office, which might have been located in Mr. Wick's store, operated from 1890 through 1905. Just east of the intersection are the CSX railroad tracks; the area is dotted with older buildings left over from the time of the town, including a freight station and a passenger terminal, a sawmill, a blacksmith, and several shops. A cluster of houses also marks the place where Wick once existed, and just around the corner, the Ashtabula County Antique Engine Club preserves the ephemera of gas stations and passenger train platforms long gone, including ticket registers, gas pumps, and antique signs advertising Moxie Cola and gas for 25 cents a gallon.