Noises in a
Haunted House

A story about what can happen when a bunch of people decide to investigate a haunted house.

I am a 28-year-old guy who has never had ANYTHING out of the ordinary happen to me that could not be explained, until two nights ago. The recent occurrence has brought me to your site.

It all started one night at work. I am an electrician at a locomotive repair facility, which employs the most manly of men. Men that CLAIM to be scared of nothing. Somehow, four of us got on the subject of this old abandoned house just on the outskirts of town. We started asking many of the guys in our shop if they knew anything about it. We got about eight different ghost stories from eight different people--big deal, right? So I asked my one friend if he wanted to go there some night, and was shocked to hear him say, "Hell yes, I would love about tomorrow night?"

I asked my other two friends, and suddenly I had an all-out mission on my hands. My one friend was frantic about taking recording equipment, because he has been a believer for quite some time. He is also only 20 years old and very influenced by the Blair Witch-iness of the whole thing. All we could come up with was an old handheld tape recorder I had for taping college classes.

To make an already long story short, there we were coming up behind the two-story brick home through the cornfield. It looked so ominous sitting on the hill in the middle of the field. We first entered through a window and then turned right and proceeded down the basement stairs single file. All was well, tons of fun so far.

When my friend who was holding the tape recorder and narrating with much enthusiasm reached the bottom of the stairs and the last guy was on the top step, there was a BANG BANG BANG followed by a heavy scraping noise and then the sound of somthing falling over. Everyone ran the rest of the way down the stairs. Then silence.... No one said a word. Then we began to whisper, "What the hell was it, there's an animal, there's someone else in here, we're trapped down here, it was just the wind." Then BANG BANG BANG and silence. The tension in the air was unimaginable. Suddenly the manly rail workers were scared stiff. Then one last time, BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG. We all ran straight up the stair out the window and into the field.

We stood trying to rationalize what just happened. An animal? Maybe an animal with a really good beat. Another person? Why didn't they say anything, and why didn't we hear them walking on all the broken plaster above? The wind banging something? Maybe, so believe it or not, we agreed that we didn't walk all the way out here for nothing--we were goig back in.

The entire time in the rest of the house we found nothing. There was no wind blowing in through the broken windows. the noise never recurred, not even in lower-volume taps. We spent much time in the house, and could not find the source.

I know this isn't the most exciting of stories to you, but I was there and I can't explain what it was and that freaks me out! Something was on the first floor of that house making a hell of a racket the minute we entered the basement, and it quit the minute we got out. We did not return to the basement when we went back. We never found the source of the noise or heard "it" leave.

When you play the tape back you can FEEL the fear of every guy there. I am now in the market for a digital camera and will try to send you a picture of the place. If I can get the tape put into digital form I will send you a copy. When you read this you can feel confident without a shadow of a doubt that this happened. I can't get it out of my mind!

Very scary stuff; I wonder what made that noise. Any explanations?