Haunted Rogue's Hollow

A story about ghostly sightings on the haunted bridge in Rogue's Hollow.

As a teenager, my freinds and I spent a lot of time in the Hollow. It was a great place to take girls when you were broke, and plus we used to drink a lot and take acid and smoke a lot of pot. Rogue's Hollow almost never had any cops patrolling it then. I had a couple of scary things happen there.

Once, me and my freind Scott were driving through, stoned to the gourd as usual, I'll admit, but I suddenly got this very strange feeling, aside from being high, that we had somehow driven into another time. We were heading into the Hollow coming from Clinton--I think thats Galehouse road. I swear I saw an old Model T Ford sitting by the road, no big deal, but then Scott says, "It seems like were in another time or something, doesnt it?" and I thought maybe he was trying to make a joke at first, because of the old car, but I really did feel strange, so I agreed. "Yeah," I said, "it's like were back in the 20s or something." I actually had goosebumps.

Then, at one point in the road there is a field beside it, and the foundation to an old building. I had been looking at Scott when I was speaking to him, and he had looked out the windshield and was looking at something with his mouth hanging wide open. I looked, and moving beside the old foundation, toward the road, was what looked like a woman in an old time dress. She was moving very quickly, too fast for a human. And she seemed to be like light and shadow in one, very bizarre, like a very light grey color. She moved into the middle of the road in front of us, and then vanished.

I wasnt going to be the first one of us to say what I had just seen, because I was still paranoid that Scott might be fucking with me somehow, so I didn't speak, but he asked me if I had seen that woman run into the road. Stoned we were, to be sure, but we both saw the same thing at the same time, I think it was a ghost.

The thing is, the only woman ghost I've ever heard about is the one at crybaby bridge, which is by the historical society building. We were still about 3-4 miles from there, and people don't claim to see her as much as hear her and her baby crying. (If you dont know the story, supposedly this young woman had an illegitemate child and drowned it in the creek.)

So theres my Rogue's Hollow story, for whatever it's worth. It might be just an overactive imagination and plenty of reefer, but I think it was a ghost.

Good stuff from a very well-known haunted ghost town.