The Little Girl's Ghost

A haunted house story from Warren County.

Hello, I have a story to tell you about a house in Franklin, Ohio (Warren County). I lived in this house for three years and we never really noticed anything until that same summer we moved in.

There are several different things that happened. First, my sister started talking about this girl she played with. My sister called her Eleanor, but in all the houses around us there was no one named Eleanor. We just thought it was an imaginary friend or something. Then my brother and I started hearing and seeing things. At first I thought it was my imagination. One day I was in my room, which was a loft room over the attic, and I heard a little girl's giggle. Then I saw the little girl. She looked like she was dressed in a red, old fashioned dress. I thought it was a family member playing a trick--then I remembered that I was home alone.

At that time my mom's friend was staying with us and she thought we were all crazy. So did my dad. Then my brother's bedroom lights kept going on and off. Dad thought it was and electrical problem but it wasn't. That same night my mom's friend was sleeping on the couch and she felt the couch shake like it could have been me or my dad waking her up. Wellm my dad wasn't home from work yet and I was in my room listening to music. My siblings were asleep.

There was another night when we think the girl saved our life. My mom kept smelling something burning and thought I was burning a candle or matches, but I had been asleep. She also thought the cat was breaking glasses but she was upstairs with me. When she came downstairs to look for the glass it was all smoky and the oven was glowing red inside. The oven had turned itself on. My mom thinks Eleanor was breaking the glasses to get us awake.

The second January we lived there I was in my room and in the middle of the night I heard this soft knocking at the door and a quiet voice saying, "Mary, let me in...It's cold out here...Please let me in." so I turned my headphones on full blast. I still heard it. My mom came in and asked me to quit knocking on the furniture and I said it wasn't me. Then my dad said, "It's just Eleanor, go back to bed."

Then I saw her face in my window. It looked burnt. She had no eyes; it looked like they were burnt out. It was gross. She told me she died in a fire and she was looking for her family. I told her to go toward the bright white light; she said there was nothing there for her.

Actually seeing and conversing with a ghost is pretty uncommon, so I'd say this person had a very unique experience with her family's ghost. And seeing the little girl with no eyes is undeniably freaky.