Kent Area Ghost Hunting

A few ghostly encounters from the area around Kent, Ohio, sent to me by Aimee.

First off, let me aknowledge the fact that I love your site! I have loved ghosts ever since I was nine years old!

My story goes as follows: My friends and I and my father decided that we would go to a bunch of haunted places with our brand new camera that has night-vision. The first two places we went to , were Black Horse and Towner's Woods.... Both of which are located in Kent, Ohio. To our disappointment, we found nothing, except satanic graffiti and an old bridge at Black Horse. When we got to the bridge, we shined our camera (which had the night-vision still on) on what we heard to be a river underneath of us. Oddly enough, we couldn't even see the water with the night vision. As we decided to go underneath the old train tracks of the bridge, we heard a train coming and got off the tracks. The weird thing is, that the train came right by us, we could feel the wind and everything, and you could tell it was right there by the sound, but no train was to be seen. We tried to get it on video and all you can see is the sparks and light from the train and you can tell it is right by us.

After that incident, we walked back to our car and decided to go to the last place we had heard of, called On Top of the World, which is an old state park on top of a hill--in Summit or Wayne County, I believe. (My dad was the one driving, and I'm not too great on giving directions, but if you look it up, it should be in that area and it is still a running state park.) When we got to the top of the curving road, we saw the dirt road that we were looking for. Unfortunately, it sneaks up on you, so we had to make a U-turn in the road. We started up the old dirt driveway and already I had a bad feeling about the place.

At the top of the hill was an old barn, and as the road circled around, we finally came to an old abandoned house that was boarded up. The house was a faded white color and it had a lonely stretch for a yard. The story we were told was: Back in the 1950s-1960s, a man lived on the farm with two children and his wife. Now, there are two sides to the story. One is that the man had a pact with a satanic cult that he did not follow through with, and the satanic cult killed his family and hung him. The other story, which we found to be more truthful, was that the man killed his wife and his children, hacking them up and storing their bodies in different parts of the house, and then continued by hanging himself in the basement, after writing satanic symbols on the walls of his home with his family's blood.

Slowly, I got out of the car. My best friend was clinging to me, because she had a bad feeling as well. We walked around the house and found that part of the porch was torn down and not finished. We walked around the back of the house and my dad turned off the camera. We found a hole inside of the house in the basement. My friend who is 6"3' tried to get in so he could film the inside of the house, but he couldn't fit. When he was getting out of the hole, everyone but my father, who is almost completely deaf, heard a woman cry out. It wasn't a scream, but more like a whimper. Instinctively, we noticed that it came from the back of the house, and we doubted that it was anyone else, considering that it was almost one in the morning...and the moon was bright that night, so we didn't see anyone either. After squeezing together tightly, my dad decided that he would go inside the house, considering that he was only 5"4".

When he came out, we saw a car pulling in and thought that we were all in big trouble with the cops. Lucky for us, it was a family that was doing the same thing that we were. They had been at the house earlier and actually got a ghost on tape, which I saw when he showed it to me through the camera itself. The film showed a black form in front of the shed that began to walk around the house, and then the film became fuzzy, as most films will do after the environmental change when a ghost is around. He told us that he had visited the house a lot and the scariest thing he saw was the ghost at the shed (which, if you stand at the furthest tree, you're supposed to see) and a woman's cry that comes from the back of the house. Immmediately, my friend and I looked at each other and told him that we had just heard that scream at the back of the house.

After that, we went home and rewound the tape to see if we caught anything.... Well, we did. When my dad was inside the house, he passes in front of an old fireplace; standing right there in front of him, is a black figure! At first we thought maybe it was a burned place in the fireplace, so we put the tape on slow motion and found that the ghost was away from the fireplace, and it moved! Also, we saw alot of areas in the house where it looked like the police had to dig into...which leads us to believe the second version of the story, about the man hacking up his family and storing them in different parts of the house.

Down in the basement, it looked like blood-stains were on the wall and a giant hole was ripped into it. In another upstairs room (which my dad said had low ceilings, so we guessed it was probally the children's room), there was a large hole in one of the walls as well. Neither of the holes looked like they should have been there, nor did they look like they were put there by an angry fist; the holes looked like little tombs, where the man probably stored some of the body parts. Also, my friend had a pair of night vision glasses. He gave the glasses to me and told me to look at the field. When I did, I saw a large black orb sitting in the field next to the trees.

After our visit, my friend decided to research the place. She found out the family's name was the Adams family, strangely enough. And the farm was owned by the father.

I have had alot of experiences, but this one was the worst and most ghostly experience I have ever had. Needless to say, I haven't been back there.... If I wanted to see it again, I can just watch our video tape, where the murderer's face can be clearly seen.

It's an interesting story, but it contains a lot of conjecture, if you ask me. The holes in the wall aren't necessarily where a murderer stored body parts...but it's a scary thought all the same. Thanks to Aimee.