Indian Mound Ghosts
in Harrison County

This happened to a woman one night at her home in Harrison County.

I finished looking at your site and all I have to say is outstanding. Now I feel the same. I too had a encounter but it wasn't lights it was sounds.

One spring evening I was sitting on my porch stargazing when all of a sudden I heard these sounds of drums and men yelling. I live in Harrison County, and my location is surround by rolling hills that all empty to the center of a flat area, and at the center of this area is flat farmland that extends for about three miles. I live close by and I could hear these strange noises as if they were in front of me. But all I could see was a couple of cows laying in the field.

I checked with my neighbors if they'd hears anything but they didn't hear a thing. I also noticed something in this farm area. There are two, I think, INDIAN MOUNDS in this field. Ohio is well known for these mounds. My theory is that the local Indians' spirits have not yet rested and are still down in these fields wandering around and are not really sure what is going on. In my section of Harrison county near Tappan Lake there were different tribes many years ago.

I haven't told anybody this because my family will think I 'am crazy. I'm sure you know this is what I heard. I'm still looking into my area's history to look for records of Indian tribes in this area.

Interesting; if you think about it, there must be as many places haunted by the original inhabitants of Ohio as there are by the settlers. Ghosts always seem to show up at Indian mounds.