A Fiery Warning

Ms. J.N. of Columbus wrote to me with the following story--a sad but touching (and more than a little intriguing) account of her son's father's death and her subsequent contact with him.

I have a special interest in the stories that you have recorded regarding the ghosts of Lancaster.

My son's father happened to be a Lancaster native. Unfortunately he died in 1996 (in a terrible house fire on Kincade Ave. off 33 in Lancaster). It was his parents' house. He fell asleep with a cigarette in hand and caught the mattress on fire. He died in January; his mom died of grief in August; then five years later his father passed away! His parents never recovered from their loss.

Sometimes I wonder if his spirit is still in that house. It has long since been remodeled. Another family lives in the house now. The thought of him fighting for his life (as the firemen/medics explained to us that day)...I do feel that he is still there.

This is the God's truth: He woke me early one morning in the winter of 1997. I had left a candle burning in the music room in my basement. It had fallen over and was burning the table. I woke to the sound of him calling my name! My house was already full of smoke and I woke my family and we escaped.

Could it be that he was saving us from a fate like his?

Your heart can't help but go out to this person--and to the man's poor, poor parents--for losing someone in such a terrible way, but her experience with the candle fire seems like it might be a sign that there's something more. That's what we're all looking for with the haunted places, aren't we? My thanks to J.N. for sharing her story.