The Ghostly Girl
at Englewood Dam

The tale of a ghostly encounter at Dayton's Englewood Dam.

I'm writing to you to tell of my experience at Englewood dam. I like to walk the trails that go through the woods, and run along the river. A few years ago I was walking the trail in the morning. I was down by the river when I was startled by a young woman that looked very odd.

She was about 5" 2', and petite. She was pale, and wore a black cape. This is odd enough, but her movements got me to look even more. She walked very creepy and slow. As i got close to her, she moved off the trail and walked into a bunch of bushes and covered her body in a standing crouch. Usually people on that trail will at least make some acknowledgment, but she didn't do anything. She was like a zombie. I walked past her about ten yards, puzzled, and feeling the feeling I got in my former house, which was haunted.

I turned to watch her some more, but when I turned around, there was nothing. There was no time for anything to go out of sight. This is a hilly trail, and she would have made a big sound if she'd moved that fast.

Anyway, this scared me, but I never talked about it with anyone. Then a year later, after becoming a paramedic, my partner and I were killing some time between runs, and I told her my story, in detail. Then out of the blue she says that the little girl roams the other side of dam in a white cape. She then told me a story about her experience. It was hauntingly the same tale. She told me a young girl was killed down by the river years ago, and that it was her I had seen.

Well, to make the story even more creepy...I have a friend who talks with ghosts and does some amazing things with them in front of me. I told him that I had seen a ghost at the dam. That's all I said, was I had seen a ghost. He then tells me detail by detail about what I had seen. I never told him anything but the word ghost. He then tells me about seeing the girl I had seen years prior as a boy. I have read that there is a haunting in that area, but i have no idea if this is the same haunting.

Cool stuff. This sounds like a ghost which is well-known in the area.