The authors of these stories were nice enough to take the time to send me an account of their own personal encounter with the paranormal. Every one of these people seemed rational and intelligent to me, and I have no reason to think they are making anything up. Their stories are the scariest and most believable of the many ghostly encounters which have been sent to me. If you've had something like this happen in your life, I would love to hear about it; please e-mail me at and I'll be glad to post your story here.

The Gurdon Lights
Indian Mound Ghosts
in Harrison County
The Ghostly Girl
at Englewood Dam
An Encounter at OSR
Kent Area
Ghostly Investigations
Noises in a
Haunted House
An Invisible Guest
in a Denison Dorm
Chased by a Cult
in Clermont County
The Clown at
Nazareth Hall
Fort Leavenworth
House of Horror
A Ghostly Hitchhiker
in Steubenville
A Night in a
Circleville Cemetery
Haunted Rogue's Hollow
A Night Visitor at the
University of Akron
A Cult at the
Jaquay Quarry
The Little Girl's Ghost
Ghost at a Tea Party
A Haunted Apartment
in Chillicothe
A Fiery Warning

Tales from Moonville
Tales from the
Gore Orphanage
Tales from the
Walker Funeral Home
Tales from Egypt Valley
Tales from the
Lima Tuberculosis Hospital
Tales from
Frankenstein's Castle
Tales from
Kent State University