Chased by a Cult
in Clermont County

A freaky story from Clermont County--the worst nightmare of anybody who's ever been on a scary country road at night. This one happened in the area of Clermont County known as Pleasant Valley, where similar things happen with some frequency.

I do know from first had experience of a cult in the woods of Clermont Co.

It was the summer of 1994 (a weekend night around 11 or so) and me and some of my friends were driving around in my friend's late model two-door hardtop Impala. We decided to go pay this "cult" a visit. We were headed down Rt. 50 just outside Owensville towards Milford. The road we turned down was Stonelick Rd. Now on that road is a very old covered bridge which is said to be haunted. (My friends and I always thought that people said that to keep kids from playing on the bridge. Several years before a garbage truck fell through the bridge, but I don't remember if anyone got hurt.) We drove down this road until we came to a road called Balzhiser Lane, which is a dead end road. This is a tree-lined road about one lane wide. We got to the end and had to turn around. One of my friends got out and was helping the driver get the car turned around without going off the road or hitting anything. On his way back in the car we played the old joke of pulling up every time he went to get in the car. When he finally got in the car he showed us a knife that he had found in a tree. We thought nothing of it and decided to go and have some fun on the covered bridge.

We came to the bridge and the driver of the car proceeded to power break the old impala. The bridge filled with tire smoke and we were all laughing and having a good time. That's when some one or some thing opened the driver's door and reached in for the keys. I was sitting in the passengers seat and was watching as my friend was using his free hand to try to keep the strange arm from getting to the keys. Just as I was reaching over to help someone grabbed me by my shirt collar and was trying to drag me from the car. I was scared stiff. I could not move or scream. Just then the car lurched forward and we came out of the bridge. The door of the car hit the side of the bridge, knocking whoever had my shirt loose, and we went speeding down the road.

None of us could believe what had just happened. We decide to go into Milford and go to a gas station and try to regroup. As we were coming to the end of Stonelick Road a large pickup truck was coming up fast behind us. The truck stayed about two or three feet from the back of the car with its high beams on. We knew that it was probably the same people that tried to stop the car back in the bridge. The truck followed us into Milford, then onto 275. That's when we came up with the great plan to lose them. We decide to head down some back roads because the impala could out run a full size pickup. So we headed towards Loveland. We went speeding down some backroads and past the old bullet factory and this truck never slowed down any.

As our excitement worked into panic my friend from he back seat opens his window and begins to throw stuff at the truck. He started with tapes, and empty soda cans, and other stuff. Then he threw the knife he had pulled from the tree and as soon as he threw the knife the truck began to slow down and fall back. He continued to throw thing at the truck, now down to change he had in his pocket, and we went around a turn in the road and down a long strate stretch of road and the truck never came around the turn.

Later that night we ended up in Blanchester, Ohio, and we stopped to get gas. I went in to get something to drink and to try to calm myself down some.

My friend that was driving the car never drove the car again. Several weeks later he traded the car off. None of us see each other any more but for about a year after this incident the guy that drive the car and I worked together and rode to work every night. One night he just asked me if I remember seeing any faces or thing from that night. We started to talk about it and neither one of us remember seeing a face from the people reaching into the car but we did remember that the arms were bare and that they moved very quickly.

To this day this is the only time I have talked about what had happened. I drove down that road one time since then and I did not slow down at all.

I later heard from a retired Sheriff's deputy in Clermont County who says it was a popular pastime for cops in the area to wait in their cars and scare thrillseekers away without ever flashing the bubblegum machine. But how to account for the guy who tried to go for the keys? Extremely scary stuff.