A Night in a
Circleville Cemetery

A spooky evening in a cemetery in Circleville, Ohio, from regular contributor Francie.

It was Saturday night 10-11-02, my son and I picked up his friend and decided to go to the Forrest Cemetery in Circleville to take some video just to see if anything was there. It was cool and had been raining, bugs were singing, rain stopped. We parked in an alley and walked a good distance.

We started hearing foot steps almost as soon as we got there. We started taping. We noticed that the cam corder was zooming in and out without us doing it. Weird lights, and at one point we heard a moning and the bugs stopped singing for a minute. We felt a chill and saw something, a shadow go past us real fast. We kept walking tring not to talk just in case we did pick something up on the tape some kinda sounds or something. So, around lot 25 we got some really weird feelings of sadness and gloom and a bad smell. But if we moved to the right of the smell it was gone move back the smell was back. We walked a little bit more to lot 20, we picked some really weird lights up with our eyes but the cam corder kept zooming in and out and we couldn't see it on the camera. And so I whispered to Justin not to tape over what we just saw. But two minutes before the camera was off and I told the guys I couldn't breathe from the energy I felt so then we turned the camera back on. When I whispered we heard nothing. So, we only stayed about 30 minutes--couldn't handle all the energy we felt and it was 1:30 am we didn't want to get caught!

So, we came home played the tape and after we watched for the second time we heard a voice on the tape. We had to turn it way up to hear it, at the point when the camera was turned off and I told the boys I couldn't get my breath and then two seconds later we turned the camera back on, you can hear a mans voice say, "Francie, breathe fine." And for the time that we where there Justin only said my name once when we first got there. And the point that we heard this voice was way after we got there. This is a really big cemetery too.

So, if you want to hear your name from a ghost go there! North Court Street. It is a chilling place in the daylight too, really old stones. There is one dating back to 1872--I belive this is the oldest stone I've seen so far. Lots of Civil War stones. You can feel the energy just as strong in the light as at night. You an also see red orbs--they fly around you. It gave me the willies.

Definitely a scary experience to have. Actually hearing your name is about as concrete as non-visual evidence comes.