A Haunted Apartment
in Chillicothe

The story of haunted building in historic Chillicothe, complete with a very dangerous recurring toxic gas leak.

I have heard from several people that the building we lived in was a candy store. Someone told me that there were people murdered there...I don't know if it's true or not. The downstairs is now some kind of shop but while it was empty we always heard things coming from down there. Now, our room, which was upstairs, was worse.

When we moved in it had new(er) carpet i.e., no stains. The ceiling was painted more recently too. We were told that an old woman lived there before we did. Many of her things were left there when she was sent to a nursing home, I believe. Her dishes, furniture, and some stuff (like paint, that was used on the ceiling and walls) was left in the closets. We moved in on May 27, the day before our graduation. My soon to be mother in law and I had went to the apartment on May 26 to pay the deposit and pick up the keys. The landlord let us in, and then left. I assume that he went to his office next door. We were looking around, and surveying where we should put our things. My soon to be mother in law, I'll call her Tammy, just in case, was looking at the couch which was covered in a burgundy blanket. I was in the kitchen looking in the cabinets. As soon as she pulled up the blanket to look underneath, a framed picture that was on the wall, no where near her, fell to the floor with the glass shattering everywhere. She was then shoved...I saw her 'move' myself. I didn't think or read too much into it.

The next day we spent the whole day moving in and was completely finished by May 28. Soon thereafter, my boyfriend started a new shift at his job, and he was gone from late night to early morning. On one particular night, I was laying on the couch watching tv, trying to go to sleep and I saw finger prints moving across the windows that were very near to the ceiling. The windows were at the top of the ceiling and went across the part that divided the kitchen and living room. Also, I mentioned before that the ceiling paint and the carpet was in very good condition when we moved in...by the middle of June, the carpet was stained a wine color in various spots (it started a light tan color), and the ceiling had spots that were much darker than the other spots (it was blue and the spots were navy blue). I don't know the signifigance, but I know that nothing was spilled on the carpet and after many attempts to clean it, it was the very same. The ceilings were about 20 feet high or so, and couldn't be reached even while standing on a chair. A ladder was needed just to change the light bulbs in the ceiling fan. The tv came on by itself...the lights went off and on, the radio channel changed... Another account of what the building was MANY years ago, is that it was a makeshift hospital...about the time that the Majestic would have been harboring slaves or POWs...I don't know the story about it, it's just what I was told.

Three friends, my boyfriend, and myself decided to investigate ourselves. We had a sort of a sayance (not sure how to spell it!) and was completely amazed. My boyfriend was scratched (and had the marks, almost bled) down his back, a little girl appeared (and I know it sounds crazy, and no we weren't hallucinating!) completely afraid, and when we asked her why, she began 'crying' and sat on my lap. She pointed to the corner behind the couch, at a man dressed in dark clothes. He looked like he had been bleeding and his clothes were ragged. I got up and she followed me, and I took her to the closet and gave her a teddy bear, and she stayed in there. We then told the man that he had to leave, and he said that we did, we were the ones that weren't welcome. Well, let me say, it got worse for me from then on. I found out that I was pregnant a week or so later. I was extremely sick, to the point that I quit my job because I was going to be fired for missing so much work. We had a gas stove and water heater, I'll get to the significance in a sec. I was vomiting (and yea, I know that that happens with prenancy, but it was severe and I was hospitalized.) And I nearly fainted multiple times. I seemed to feel better when I wasn't there, so I began to look at what was in the apartment that could be the culprit. Couldn't find anything. We were very clean and I couldn't find the answer. One day I began smelling gas. I called the gas company and they came and there was a leak in the basement. They checked our room but it checked out fine. Well, 2 months, and 3 hospital visits later, I called my doctor because I was extremely sick. I couldn't move, think, or hardly breath. He told me to call the gas company. By this time I was 4 months pregnant. The gas company came again, and what do you know? A gas and carbon monoxide leak right there in our own apartment. It was so severe, that they said that it should had been detected the last time they were there. The level was very high, and the machine they had picked up the CO2 as soon as they walked in the door?

What does all this mean? Well, I THINK and it's just my opinion, but something was trying to end it. And I mean that, because the ER doctor asked us if we slept with a fan on or the window open. We did. He said that we would have died if we didn't. And on a few occasions, the fan would become unplugged at night, while we were asleep. What does it mean? You tell me, I don't know.

Every other person that came to the apartment, always complained of feeling light headed, near the point of fainting. They were also always sick the days following their visit. And our cat. She was sick from the day we moved in, and almost died a few times. But on some days she would just be plain mean. She would scratch for no reason, and have extreme hyper spells. But then she would snap out of it, and lay down and not move for a long time. Our nieces were also very mean while they were there, and that just wasn't them. One of the older girls also talked to someone when there was no one else in the room. I asked her who it was, and she said that it was a little girl.

Look Andy, I don't know what any of it means, but I know that I felt something in that apartment, and so did every one else. When that church group came, THEY were afraid...Many things got worse when they left...and I felt much more terrified when they did.

Maybe it's all a bunch of bull. I don't think it is though. I really don't.

The people who experienced this were definitely convinced, and I find it hard to believe that so many people could share an experience without there being something to it. Also, the gas leak could be viewed one of two ways: either that's what people didn't like about the apartment, or it's part of the manifestations of whatever was haunting it. It's hard to say, but the very nice girl who sent me the story was very much convinced.