These stories were sent to me by people who have visited Dayton's Frankenstein's Castle and encountered more than the ordinary dirt and bugs. My trip there resulted in very little, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

Something in White

I'm writing to tell you about the days in which I was turned from a skeptical nonbeliever to a very scared believer. It happened recently and ever since have been trying to gain as much information as I can. Maybe you can tell me more.

On September 1, 2000, my husband from Oklahoma, my stepfather, and my 14-year-old brother went fishing. The pay lake was closed and so they went to Frankenstein's Castle in Oakwood. When he came home he told me of his experience at the castle, that up untill now, I had forgotten about.

You see, I'm originally from Dayton and one of my friends from months ago had told me of the castle and swore that he'd never go back. My curiosity nagged at me untill I convinced my husband, my brother, and his friend to take me there.

We got there before dark. If you're familiar with this place, around back there are three skinny windows which are now barred. At first, nothing happened, but then, when it grew very dark, I saw a light in the third window, in the shape of a ball. At first it was faint but as we watched it grew stronger and more rapid in it's blinking. I dismissed that untill a shadow moved across it. Then I ran.

As I regained composure I forced myself to go back. We grew tired of sitting, so we moved around to the front of the castle. My husband made a sound behind me, causing me to look at him and then at what he saw: a figure at the top, leaning over. Then moments later a figure ran out the castle door and down invisible steps and right at us, and we got in the car and drove.

However, discounting what I saw, I had to go back. So the next day before dark, my husband, my brother, and my best friend went back. My brother's friend refused to go back.

Again at dark we saw the figure at the top. I wouldn't even get out of the car.

My brother Kris and my friend Stephanie got out and made their way up the hill. At the top, my brother screamed and they ran to the car screaming for us to go. They said the stump beside the castle was glowing.

Of course, me still being skeptical, I didn't want to admit what I had seen. I could just be crazy, after all.

So, once more, we went back. And for a long time, nothing happened. My husband, already scared beyond repair, was glad. But it didn't last. Again at dark, we saw the figure. After a while my husband and Kris walked to the castle. They made it to the top, then ran back. A light flashed rapidly across their line of vision. This wasn't enough to convince me, so Stephanie and I walked to the castle. I saw what I thought was a noose hanging from the right side of the castle. But it couldn't have been. So I went to the car. Stephanie was skeptical too so she convinced Kris to walk with her to the castle. I saw my brother point up; Stephanie screamed, and so we took off. My husband saw the woman in white hanging from her ankles from a noose off the right side of the castle. He said it before Kris or Steph had the chance to say what they'd seen, and all they could do was nod.

I didn't see it so I made my husband turn around. Once more, we pulled up to the castle. Mitch and Kris got out. Mitch called to me. I have to emphasize that I was too caught up to hear the description of what they had seen.

I got out and went to where they were standing. Looking up, I saw what they had seen, and having seen the noose earlier and also not having told the others that I had seen it, I screamed and screamed. I was running to the car before I even realized that that was what I was doing. It took me a long time to regain my voice. Mitch asked me if I was happy now. I wasn't.

You see, I tought it would be the chance of a lifetime to see a ghost, and that it would make me happy. Boy was I ever wrong.

I saw my mother the next day and when I told her what I had seen, she related to me that when she was a teenager, she used to hang out at the castle with her friends. When she went, it was open and you could climb the staircase to the top. She and my aunt saw a woman in white standing across the street. And she said that when she went to leave there was a ghost car that came at you and then disappeared. Also at the top she says that there was a pentagram written in what was proven to be blood. Also, that at the bottom there was a trapdoor that led down into a torture chamber where there were still chains.

Of course, since the lightning accident that killed the two teenagers, all of that and the main door have been sealed and bars are now in the windows.

Everyone who's been to the castle that I've talked to has either had some weird experience or has sworn that they'll never go back, for reasons I can only imagine. I can definitely say that I'm one of the ones who will never go back.

Chased Through the Fog

I was reading a story on your website last week and it was about Frankenstein's Castle in Kettering. I lived ten minutes away and I was fascinated about seeing if all the rumors are true. The white-dressed women, the two kids--I was excited to find something. Unfortunately for me I didn't return home excited but rather the most scared I have ever been in my life.

Around 7PM my friend and I went up to the castle. It was still very light outside. We stayed for awhile and nothing happened but we didn't really expect it to because it was light. My friend looked into the third window and saw something that looked like a shadow.I blew it off because at this time I didn't believe in ghosts but I was still very curious. I then looked in the the crack in the cemented in door and saw two green eyes staring back. It took awhile to realize they were eyes but when I did I was pretty startled. I still shook it off as nothing and we left to go kill time until dark.

Darkness came and we aproached the area. It is very dark back in those woods. There are no lights and no form of contact for quite awile. So we started walking down Patterson and I noticed that something light was next to me in the trees. I didnt even look. I figured it was just a reflection of a car coming. I then looked to my right at the aproaching castle. I had a good look and that is when this full-figured white woman-looking thing blocked my view. Scared as hell, we ran off down the road in the opposite direction. After a few seconds of running we had to stop. Was it real? We didnt know. Twelve seconds after we stopped we heard sticks snapping rapidly behind us. Immediately we were out of there!

On the other side of the castle is a huge golf course. Our plan was to skip the road by going through the golf course and in the "safeness" (as we thought) of the course we would watch the tower. We got onto the course and oddly enough there were weird patches of fog all over the place. We were getting close the castle when we saw an approaching something in the trees across the street. It was a white ball with a tail streaming behind it. It was going all through the trees and at the same time hundreds of flashes were going off around it. We looked at this for a good ten minutes in utter amazment. Then, at that moment, the white orb looking thing grew into the full bodied women right in front of out eyes. The thing had everything a human has except legs. It was wearing a white dress (just like in the other stories). Not only did it turn into a full-bodied creature but it started to walk across the road!!!!! TOWARDS US!!!

We ran and ran down the course and eventually stopped. We had to go back. We got back up to our original spot and we saw nothing. All of a sudden we began hearing laughter. It was already pretty windy that night but there was a small chill in the air and then the woman emerged about twenty feet away. Oh my god I have never EVER been this scared in my life. EVER!!! We ran as hard as we could. I slipped on the wet ground and fell. I looked up and it was walking towards me. I didnt have time to look at it. I had to get the hell out of there! We ran and ran. We then stopped again and saw nothing close or in the distance. Then in the bushes about thirty feet away this thing again emerges and the whole way out of the course there was this wall of fog with a black shadow in the middle walking towards us until we got the hell out of there. Something very very weird: when we were cleaning up I noticed several scratches all on my right arm that werent there before this adventure. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen and who knows what would have happened if we would have gotten into the castle but something was trying hard to keep us away. For anyone who is not a believer I recommend you go there and find out the hard way that this stuff is real.

The Shaking Door

was there one night with some friends of mine, and yes we were all sober. We were shooting some pictures for a project, and the door in the back began to shake. We all freaked and ran. I have not been back at night since. I feel drawn to it for some reason. I think about it at the strangest times.