The Caruthers Tombstone

The Caruthers tombstone in a cemetery just outside Carey is supposed to contain a terrifying image which can only be seen at night, in the headlights of a car. It shows a tableau of murder--Mrs. Caruthers' death throes as her husband wraps his hands around her throat. It's said that Caruthers killed his wife this way, and that the image appeared on a second tombstone after the first was replaced.

This story is a popular one in Wyandot County, and is obligatory in any Halloween newspaper story about local ghosts. A good friend of mine actually saw the image, which might just be an anomaly in the granite. Whatever it is, the cemetery caretakers got sick of kids pulling in at night to shine their lights on it and chained off the parking spot that faces the Caruthers tombstone. You might still be able to see the murderous marking if you visit the cemetery yourself; it's located less than a mile north of the intersection of State Route 568 and Township Road 95.



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