The Foster Duck Farm

The duck farm outside Wayne has been haunted ever since two suicides were committed inside the plant. The Foster family, who raised the ducks for a living and supported their five sons that way, fell on hard times when something started making the ducks extremely sick. The stress was too much for the family father to bear; he finally shot himself in the office. The eldest son took over, but after just one year he too killed himself. He climbed a chair in the attic and hung himself. His body remained there for days, since no one knew he was up there, and by the time they found him and cut him down the rope had cut a groove in the rafter which is still visible today.

Now people see the plant's lights going on and off at all hours of the night, and they hear the squeaking and creaking of the hangman's noose in the attic, even though it's long gone. The plant is under new ownership now, but many employees refuse to enter the attic or work alone.