Forgotten Ohio: Bowling Green State University

The state university in Bowling Green has a couple of well-known ghosts flitting around. Here's what I know about them.

Brown and Saint Theaters

Both of these theaters (named for actors Joe E. Brown and Oscar winner Eva Marie Saint) are haunted by Alice, supposedly the ghost of a former Bowling Green actress. She is very picky, and must be appeased by the leaving on of the theater's ghost light, as well as a formal invitation to every show by the stage manager after the final dress rehearsal. If she isn't appeased, she'll cause things to go wrong. One student actually saw her, but ran away before he had a chance to talk to her.

Chi Omega

Chi Omega Sorority House is haunted by Amanda, a girl who was either a pledge accidentally killed in a railroad initiation, or a little girl who died on the park behind the old student union, where the house now stands. She is the source of a lot of superstition around Chi Omega. One room is labeled "Amanda's Room" and is the site of lots of poltergeist activity, including things disappearing and reappearing in the house utility room, and a closet which locks itself. Every year in the group photo the girls leave a blank place which is marked "Amanda" in the caption. The 1986-87 class accidentally forgot to include her, and that picture is found off the wall a lot. (Note: According to a source at BG, the tradition of the blank place in the group photo has been abandoned.)
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