Nettle Lake

The ghostly sound of an Indian drum can be heard at Nettle Lake just before a thunderstorm. According to legend, the drum belonged to Sam Coon, who used the big Indian drum to summon the spirits of dead chiefs, who would tell him where to find treasure. After he died of a fever his drum was found burst outward, as if something inside had gotten out.

I'd also like to note that spirit drumming is not the only thing to watch for at Nettle Lake. Depending on how much you've had to drink, you may or may not catch a sight of Nettie, Nettle Lake's resident sea monster. Descriptions of Nettie range from a tree stump or stone, all the way to an ox or a bear. She splashes the water close to the edge, or exposes more of herself further out.

Not especially aggressive or dangerous, but she does snag the occasional human being to take down to her lair for lunch. Philip Knight and his canoeing partner disappeared while crossing Nettle Lake together. So be careful, and be aware of what might live in the water beneath you.



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