Spook Hollow

This Warren County "dead man's curve" is known locally as Spook Hollow. It involves not only an abrupt, ninety-degree turn in the road, but also a narrow bridge right after that.

Years ago a group of high school students died at Spook Hollow when their car went over the bridge railing and into the ice cold water below. One of the girls was decapitated; her head was never recovereed. They say that if you stop on the bridge at midnight, you'll see the head. Another, more grisly possibility is that the severed head will drop onto your car from above while you cross.

I'm still not certain what road this story relates to; if you know, I'd appreciate your advice.

The other Spook Hollow in Ohio is just outside Lancaster, Fairfield County, and is an old home with its own headless horseman. To read about it, click here.



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