King's Island

King's Island amusement park (now technically Paramount's King's Island) is haunted by several ghosts. One is a little blonde girl in a blue dress who plays in the Waterworks and scares tram drivers after hours. She is thought to be buried in the small cemetery between the King's Island parking lot and campgrounds.

Several ghosts haunt particular rides at King's Island. The Eiffel Tower is haunted by a ghost named Johnny--often referred to as Tower Johnny. Unexplained occurrences around the park are often attributed to him. Johnny was a high school senior who fell to his death on Grad Night (May 13) in 1983 after he climbed the fencing around the elevator shaft on the 50-foot platform. Legend has it that he was cut in half by the cables, and that the cables themselves are located in a junk pile behind the Beast, but these are actually suspension cables like the ones used on the double helix at the end of the coaster.

The Beast has its own ghost, reputed to be that of someone who died riding it, but this might also be Johnny, who seems to roam the park a lot. Some people report seeing glowing red eyes in the woods the track goes through, but this is probably just the taillights of a maintenance truck driving down the access road there.

The Octopus ride is haunted by its own ghost, also that of someone who died on it. White Water Canyon is haunted by Woody, a ghost who likes to throw rocks at the back of observation tower two and frighten staff members after dark.

Special thanks to an anonymous King's Island staff member who helped me compile this list.

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