Chokolate Morel

This strangely named restaurant occupies a chocolate-colored house at 101 East Main Street, in the center of Mason. It was built in 1870 as a private residence, and that's what it was in 1910, when Rebecca McClung was found murdered in her favorite upstairs bedroom. Legend has it that Rebecca was very beautiful, and her husband was so jealous that he rarely let her leave. She was usually glimpsed only through the upstairs window of their home, where she liked to stand.

The husband was found with blood on his clothes and skin, and he was tried for her murder, but he managed to avoid conviction. Since then, Rebecca's ghost has haunted the house. She usually appear benignly at the window of the room where she was killed, but sometimes she behaves as though she's angry--possibly because her husband got away with her murder.

The Chokolate Morel restaurant is a classy place in a burgeoning suburb of Cincinnati where you can expect to pay twenty bucks for an entree. I've heard from employees who report such phenomena as slamming doors and other noises, as well as an incident where a Coke bottle was found to have fallen off a shelf and broken on the floor--except that the liquid was gone and the glass shards were stacked in a neat pile.