The Warlock's Grave: Rehobeth-Ridge Road Cemetery

An absurdly decrepit, easily overlooked cemetery in New Philadelphia is one of that town's best-known haunted places. The fenced-in plot is located at the corner of Ridge Road and University Drive, and it's only recognizable as a graveyard if you open the gate and step inside. Otherwise, the flattened headstones are obscured by the surrounding grass and other greenery. Rehobeth Church stood here from 1850 until 1877.

One stone in particular is the focal point of the legends: a black rectangle near the back of the enclosure. They say a warlock is buried here, and they also say that his head was cut from his body and secured into the black stone. Reuniting the two parts will cause him to rise from the dead. My advice is to leave him alone. But that might not be enough; according to the myth, each year the two parts inch closer to one another, subject to the irresistable pull of his will even 100+ years after his death. When the two parts meet and his head mounts his shoulders once more, he'll emerge from the grave and wreak warlock-y havoc on New Philadelphia. Or so they say.

It turns out that the guy whose body (skeleton, now) rests beneath the warlock stone was actually the one who donated the money to build Rehobeth Church, so if he really did make a pact with Satan (as warlocks are reputed to do), he must have been able to keep his hobbies separate from his philanthropy. Or maybe he was just hedging his bets.

Dover-New Philadelphia TimesReporter story: "The Story Behind the Legend of...Warlock's Grave"