Postboy Hollow

The "hollow" area around Postboy Road in southern Tuscarawas County is haunted by the postboy who is its namesake. Houses in the area report strange goings-on of the same general type, which leads people to believe that they're all attributable to this one tragedy.

The postboy was delivering mail, either on foot or on horseback, in the days when mail delivery was a much more arduous task than it is today. He was heading for a local tavern which was an exchange point on the mail route; the tavern still stands today, as a private residence. Before he got there, however, a bandit killed him and stole his parcels. Legend says the robber waited for him while hiding behind a huge tree--a tree which once stood in the middle of the highway that's now Postboy Road. He was later seen at the tavern with the mail in his possession before disappearing completely.

Now the postboy's ghost haunts the valley near Newcomerstown.