The Hatchetman

Near the tiny Trumbull County town of Bristolville there is a path which veers off of Corey Hunt Road and leads you back to a creepy swamp full of weird dead trees. To get there in your car you'll have to make it past a metal cable which blocks the road and go around a few bends. Once you're there you might be lucky enough to stumble across the legendary abandoned house where the Hatchetman is supposed to have lived. According to the stories, the Hatchetman killed his family, chopped them up with the eponymous hatchet, and buried them in the yard. Today you might catch a glimpse of him or his family, or possibly even be chased by the Hatchetman himself. An e-mail I got telling me about this story told of hearing voices and footsteps, but ultimately not finding the house, which may or may not be there at all. It's a well-known local legend in the area.