The Regency Inn

A ghost named Jody was known to haunt the Massillon Regency Inn. Jody was a desk clerk at the hotel who was killed in a robbery years ago. Afterward she appeared to guests as they exited the elevator, right in front of the doors. The Regency was torn down years ago and other businesses built in its place, but each has failed.

Jody certainly was killed, but according to fellow employee WJH, some of the rumors about the location are untrue. Here's his own description of things after the robbery.

I started working there 4 or 5 months after Jody was killed. I worked the midnight shift for 4 1/2 years. I spent countless hours there alone and never once heard, seen, or felt anything out of the ordinary. Never once was there a report by a guest or another employee of seeing her.

Also, the statement claiming that the Regency was torn down many years ago and all other businesses on that site had failed is untrue as well. I believe the only other business that has operated on that site is the Giant Eagle gas station...which is still in business. I do believe there are places that are haunted, but this isn't one of them. This is just a matter of someone trying to make a sensational story out of a very tragic event.

WJH's debunking is fairly convincing, but who knows that Jody's spirit--a poor girl taken long before her time--doesn't materialize from time to time in her sad way, revealing herself to only a select few as she tries to make sense of her brief life.