Jewish Cemetery

A small shack on the grounds of a Jewish Cemetery in Alliance is haunted by blue lights which show up there from time to time. According to one report I heard, there have been murders in this shack.

Who know about things like that, but Jennifer and her husband in Malvern sent a first-hand description of the environment at this haunted Jewish Cemetery:

Even without all the stories, that cemetery is super creepy. It sits on an old back road on the top and backside of a small hill. On the bigger hill behind it, sits an old farmhouse. (It's the creepy old caretakers house, according to stories...not sure if it really is or not, but we did get chased off with a shotgun by whoever lives there one night.) The cemetery backs up against thick raggedy woods and is surrounded by an awesome wrought iron and stone wall with an iron gate at the front corner. You have to climb the fence to get in; the gate has been chained up for years. At least it had been then. But the place is neat.