Doctors Hospital

Hospitals are some of the most haunted places you'll find. My friend Hoss's aunt tells stories of the haunted rooms at the hospital where she works in Portsmouth, and a girl I know has felt some weird things at her job on the night shift at Columbus's Children's Hospital.

Doctors Hospital in Perry Heights is said to be a haunted hospital. Water faucets turn themselves on in full view. A ghost calls nurses' names and plays other pranks, sometimes appearing as a vaguely humanoid mist.

A nurse's aide who hummed while she worked had a heart attack on the job at Doctors, and is said to return sometimes, humming while she makes beds. One of the rooms is haunted by the ghost of an old woman who cursed it. She said that if they let her die in the room no one would be able to stay there. Since she died, patients complain of the cold in the room. Some even tell of an old woman who tries to remove their covers and tells them to get out of her room. After a hospital administrator tried to stay in the room but only made it to 2AM, the room was sealed off and no more patients were assigned it.