Heidelberg College
Heidelberg College

Heidelberg College in Tiffin has its share of ghostly manifestations. A few are listed below.

France Hall
Ellen is the name of the ghost at France Hall. She roams the halls, locking students out of their rooms, and seems particularly tied to the attic, where strange noises are often heard. There are cold spots in the basement. Things seem to move around by themselves in the kitchen. Fire alarms seem to go off for no good reason in this building. If you see a mysterious dark-haired lady in France Hall, there's a good chance it's Ellen.

A member of a sorority which occupies France Hall describes seeing a hanger flip around a doorknob and then fly off for no apparent reason. The story is well known around campus, and especially among France Hall residents.

Founders Hall
The catacombs beneath Founders Hall are now used as storage space for the theater, and workers have reported seeing strange shadows flitting around down there. Radios seem to turn off for no apparent reason.

Willard Hall
Willard's basement is haunted by some sort of apparition which frightens students from time to time.