White Lady Point

White Lady Point is a place overlooking the Ohio River near Portsmouth where the crew of the paddle-wheeler Kanawha Gal heard the screams of a woman one late October night in the 1800's while docked on the Kentucky shore. A hunter found Mary Fisk's body the next day in the woods. Her cabin was a bloody mess, and her six-year-old son was nowhere to be found. A single bloody handprint on the wall of her cabin testified to the size of her attacker: it was huge, the hand of a giant. Her husband was away on a hunting expedition, so the neighbors buried her body.

Since then, hundreds have seen Mary Fisk at White Lady Point, arms outstretched, mouth open in a scream. Sometimes she floats above the misty waters. She is said to haunt her bank of the Ohio to this day.

The question is, where is White Lady Point? Its exact location may have been lost to time, but some people claim to know where it is. One person informs me that it's now known simply as "the point," and it is in Sciotoville, near New Boston and Portsmouth. It overlooks "Wheelersburg, 140, 52, lots of Kentucky, New Boston, and Portsmouth," and is about half a mile from a cell phone tower. (What isn't these days?) Apparently it's on private property, so visit at your own risk.