Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

The Lucasville prison has apparently been plagued by ethereal goings-on ever since it was the site of the longest prison rebellion in U.S. history--the Easter 1993 Lucasville Riots. More than twenty prisoners and guards died in the riots. As a result, five prisoners were upgraded to death row.

Guards have heard doors slamming and seen mysterious shadows in the cell blocks where the riot occurred. I read an account of one who saw a prisoner walking the block after lockdown and followed him, only to discover that he had disappeared.

Ohio's Death Row is located within the walls of Lucasville, so this may have something to do with some of the hauntings. All of the executions done there are lethal injections, but for a while the electric chair was hooked up. They moved it down from Columbus when the Ohio Penitentiary closed its doors.

Ohio Death