The Old Otway School

The old public school in Otway, a very small Scioto County municipality with less than 100 residents, is plagued by ghostly goings-on, and has been ever since the death of a janitor. (Or so the legend goes.) No murder or suicide (that I know of), but just a simple heart attack had by a janitor, who made his way from the basement boiler room to the front steps of the school before collapsing and dying. The front stairs aren't there anymore, incidentally; the place was remodeled several times.

But the remodeling didn't faze the spirit (or spirits) who keep the girls' bathroom such an active place; faucets used to be turned on and off, often by while only one girl occupied a stall and could tell that no one had entered or left, but couldn't see who or what was been messing with the faucets.

The stage rooms have ghosts of their own (perhaps the same one?) which make them especially active, and the narrow hallways are often the scene of ghostly running footsteps which will pound down the length from one end to the other. If you're in that hallway, you'll feel the unmistakable icy chill as the phantom runner passes you by. Even more pronounced are the ghostly footfalls which go up or down the stairwells; the same effect occurs if you're standing there when it happens.

But you don't even have to be inside to see the ghosts here; the upper windows are broken, but through them you can see moving shadows--often the shadow of a single man, making his endless rounds of the long-standing public school.

For those interested, the Old Otway School is located at 6867 SR 73, Otway, Ohio 45657. It might not remain standing for too much longer, so check it out when you can. I fully intend to visit it now, thanks to the selflessness of Emily, who contributed the haunting information and also gave me all the details I needed. Thanks again to her.