The Ghost of Enos Kay

Enos Kay haunts Ross County near his hometown of Mutton-Jerk, along the Pickaway County line. Born in 1869, Kay fell in love with a beautiful girl named Elvira, who later eloped with a man named Brown (sometimes Broughton) and left him alone. Enos went to the barn and blew his brains out (some say he hung himself), but not before saying, "I'll kill myself and haunt fool lovers 'til the Judgment Day."

Today he's said to torment lovers who park in rural parts of Ross County, especially in his area. He seems particularly fond of the bridge where he died (said to be on Lower Twin Road just west of South Salem), so if you're going to make out in Ross County, don't park on a bridge--unless, that is, you're arguing. Then Enos will leave you alone. This explains why my ex and I never had any trouble with Enos Kay on our many jaunts through rural Ross County.



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