Elizabeth's Grave

A cemetery on Union Road near Chillicothe is haunted by the ghost of Elizabeth, who is said to have hung herself from a tree in the cemetery. Her tombstone is located at the back of the cemetery, while her body lies at the front. It is said that if you move the stone, it will return to its position at the rear of the cemetery--the spot where she died.

The following personal encounter with the ghost of Elizabeth was e-mailed to me.

My nephew and his friend visited the cemetery late one evening. I believe they said it was located off Union Road in Ross County. There was a full moon and it wasn't quite completely dark yet, still light enough to see if anyone was there. They took a camcorder and used a flashlight to shine on the tombstones to see the writing. Not until they got home and looked at their tape did they see a girl in the bottom left corner. When the camera was aimed at her, she ducked and whirled out of the picture. It was cold out and my nephew's friend had a yellow toboggan and dark jacket on. This girl was dressed in a white blouse and no coat. She was only there for an instant and ducked her head as she whirled, but you could tell her hair was sort of light. They were walking in her direction, and a split second later you could see the yellow toboggan appear on the girl--they more or less walked right through her. This is not hearsay; I watched the tape and saw the girl in it myself.